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Bo Jangles is lost!

Lost Date July 5th, 9:00am
Wearing collar? No
Last seen at 120 McElderry Road, Guelph, ON, Canada
Very friendly black cat; likes to wonder and may appear to be a stray (skinny, but will eat anything you offer). Does not have a collar as he rips them off.


Bo Jangles

Breed Mixed
Species Cat

Basic Information

Colour Black
Gender Male
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Microchip Number 952000000133848
Approximate Age 14 years old
Identifying Markings scar on right shoulder
Coat Short black hair

Owner Information

Owner Name Nigel and Janette Wood
Phone Number (519) 400-6479
Cell Phone Number (519) 546-1570
Work Phone Number (519) 821-2243
Home Address 120 McElderry Rd
Guelph ON N1G 4J8

Pet Care Information

Friendly with People Yes
Friendly with Children Yes
Friendly with Dogs Yes
Primarily Outdoors Yes
Type of Food Dry biscuits and a can of wet cat food daily
Feeding Schedule and Amount Mornings - 1/2 cup of dry biscuits and 1 can of wet cat food
Permissible Foods No "people" food; Purina cat chow or similar, any canned cat food - not a fussy eater!
Exercise Requirements None

Medical Information

Vaccines Up to date
Medications None
Allergies None
Conditions Back, right leg was pinned due to break, so now experiencing some arthritis - sits with rear leg out
Veterinarian Stonegate Animal Hospital

(519) 265-7224