There are currently no lost pets in the City of Guelph!

Why License Your Pet?

Licensing your pet provides them the best chance to get home safely and quickly in the event they become lost. However only 8-12% of pet owners do it because they have typically seen little value in doing so!

Well that has all changed in Guelph! So if keeping your bestie as-safe-as-possible and out of trouble isn't reason enough to license, DocuPet and the Guelph Humane Society have added some other awesome new benefits too.

There's way more benefits, but we are sure you've already clicked that big blue button by now.

License Your Pet

License your pet and you’ll actually save money. Upon licensing, you’ll receive a free Rewards card to keep in your wallet. Rack up discounts at participating businesses to save way more than your cost of registration each year.


The Guelph Humane Society is pleased to announce its partnership with DocuPet to replace our old licensing system with a more modern pet identification and registration system offered by DocuPet's "Pet Ownership Program". The new pet tag will fulfill all the requirements of a dog licence currently required by the City By-Law.  Cats can also be voluntarily registered with all of the proceeds going directly to support Guelph Humane Society initiatives.

Cat return to owner rates are extremely low in Guelph (~10%), which puts a large burden on the shelter and taxpayers.  DocuPet's program allows us to easily identify cats through the same registration process.  Come on Guelph, let's see if we can lead the country in improving our return to owner rate for lost cats in our community!

Shane Bateman, Chair - Board of Directors, GHS